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Observations & Ideas

This is our ongoing stream of ideas. As we attend trade shows and discover

industry observations we will write them up here.

the front of the Anaheim Convention center for Expo West

Expo West 2023 Trends and Observations

Expo West 2023 Trends and Observations The Drive Wheel team is on location and excited to connect with our current and future members at Expo West. With over seventy thousand buyers, exhibitors, and industry professionals

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Headshots of 8 guest speakers who to be included in the Spring 2023 Guest Speaker Series for Drive Wheel Peer Groups

Spring 23 Guest Speaker Series

Spring 23 Guest Speaker Series “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson. Drive Wheel Guest Speakers present new ideas and cutting-edge concepts to ensure our members are aware of

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Two female business professionals have a one-on-one meeting to discuss topics on detail

What Is A Peer Group?

What Is A Peer Group A peer group is made up of business leaders with similar roles in similar sized businesses. They meet on a regular basis to discuss challenges, opportunities, strategies, innovation, and other

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A happy group of business executives discussing complex business challenges

Top 12 Reasons to Join a Peer Group

Top 12 Reasons to Join a Peer Group I’ve been facilitating peer groups for almost a decade, and I’ve realized that no matter the subject matter of the group, or the economic environment when it

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Three business professionals on a break discussing a previous session. They are laughing and holding coffee

Why Peer Groups?

Why Peer Groups? Being a leader at any level of an organization can be difficult. You are expected to know the answer, to have the way forward, to think of the innovative new idea. Depending

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