Photo of workers wearing blue smocks inside Fresh Texas's San Antonio produce facility packing fresh produce

Drive Wheel Executive Leadership Peer Group Visits Fresh Texas Facility

Drive Wheel Executive Leadership Peer Group Visits Fresh Texas Facility

This Fall, we had an exciting opportunity to visit Fresh Texas with the Executive Leadership Peer Group to tour their operation and see their team’s dedication and commitment to quality in action. From hand cut vegetables to perfectly hand placed fruit, the product this facility produces are of the highest quality and second to none.

Visits like this help our members get valuable feedback, share strategies, and take away new ideas that give them the confidence to make decisions that will grow their business.

Drive Wheel’s Executive Leadership group meets twice a year and CEO’s present their strategies and challenges to get feedback from their peers, get new approaches, and learn innovative new ideas. The Fall meeting is held in a member’s facility so the entire group can learn how other’s produce product and uniquely overcome challenges.

Engaging Discussions Enable Confident Decisions™

When you’re busy with the daily demands of your job, its easy to overlook the opportunities that will drive long-term growth. When you become a member of a Drive Wheel™ peer group, you can identify new strategies, reduce risk, and make confident decisions that will grow your business faster and more strategically.

We host two-day in-person meetings twice a year where leaders discuss their new strategies, innovation plans, and business challenges to get feedback from their peers. Member leave the meeting knowing they have thought about their idea from every angle. Between meetings, we conduct benchmarking studies and weekly news roundups to keep our members informed about changes in the industry.


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