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Make Confident Decisions
With Drive Wheel® Peer Groups

Join today to connect with your peers to make
confident decisions that grow your business.

Engaging Discussions
Enable Confident Decisions®

When you’re busy with the daily demands of your job, its easy to overlook the opportunities that will drive long-term growth. When you become a member of a Drive Wheel® Peer Groups, you can identify new strategies, reduce risk, and make confident decisions that will grow your business faster and more strategically.

We host over 25 peer groups for Food and Consumer Packaged Goods leaders at two-day in-person meetings twice a year where leaders discuss their new strategies, learn best practices, and benchmark performance to get feedback from their peers. Members leave the meeting knowing they have thought about their business from every angle.

Drive Wheel creates opportunities to collaborate, benchmark, network, and strategize to ensure business leaders have the information they need to make confident business decisions.

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Learn From Your Peers

Every great leader needs to be confident in their support system. We’re here to connect you to the people you need to reach your goals. Drive Wheel® Peer Groups connect executives and practice leaders from across the industry to discuss their strategies, business challenges, and ideas to innovate. By discussing these strategies with peers, they return with confidence in their improved plan.

Confidence – Members make confident decisions knowing they are well informed and have tested their ideas with peers to ensure they don’t have unforeseen blind spots.

Connection – Social and professional opportunities to connect with fellow members and industry experts for a long-lasting support network.

Engagement – Energetic, fast-paced meetings led by dynamic facilitators create the perfect environment for collaborative discussions.

Empowerment New solutions, exclusive data, and poignant trend updates allow members to be thought leaders to fuel their ambitions.

The Value
of Membership

Our peer groups meet twice a year for in-person two-day work sessions, but the power of the membership lies in the ongoing learning, benchmarking, and engagement.

Peer Groups

Members shape their meeting agendas with submitted questions and cases.  Discussions are expertly facilitated by industry experts.


In-person networking events are hosted in inspirational foodservice locations to encourage conversations and new ideas.


Year-round access to Drive Wheel’s™ Survey System to seek advice and keep a pulse on the industry.

Industry Reports

Regular reports from Drive Wheel™ ensure members receive breaking news and stay up to date on industry trends.

Speaker Series

World-class speakers challenge member thinking and encourage innovation with fresh ideas.

Deep Dive

Ad hoc small-group conversations or presentations on a specific topic to allow members to gain knowledge on a hot topic.

Drive Wheel® Member Companies

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Members Love Drive Wheel®

Don't take our work for it. Hear what our members say about their Peer Group experience.

The Drive Wheel® Difference

Drive Wheel® gets its name from the wheels on a locomotive that propel the train forward, the drive wheels. We’re here to help our members become a similar driving force within their organizations.

Drive Wheel® has an engaging and vivacious team that hosts peer groups and networking events in engaging spaces. The goal of our facilitators is to create an environment for the most productive conversations and networking opportunities. Between meetings we are actively seeking information and conducting surveys to ensure our members are informed and inspired. Our mission is that members feel confident and empowered to be thought leaders within their organizations so they can become a driving force.

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