Drive Wheel™ Code of Conduct

Last updated January 1, 2022

Drive Wheel™ Community Member’s Code of Conduct

All members of the Drive Wheel™ community (including members and speakers) agree to abide by the duties and obligations in the following pledge:

I will abide by the “Confidentiality Standards” below; and

I will abide by the “Anti-Trust Standards” below; and

I will abide by the “Terms of Service” of Drive Wheel’s™ web sites (the “Sites”).

Confidentiality Standards

The following confidentiality standards will be observed by everyone in the Drive Wheel™ community.


Confidential issues and information shared between members of the Drive Wheel™ community are not to be discussed with or revealed to any other person or organization without the prior permission of all parties involved. This includes but is not limited to issues and information shared: in group meetings and one-to-ones; and via any Drive Wheel™ Sites, web properties, or Drive Wheel™ community networking opportunities.

Contacting Others

Issues raised within the Drive Wheel™ community are often confidential and are not common knowledge within the community or within member’s companies. When contacting a Drive Wheel™ member about such an issue, please use the utmost care to keep information confidential. Use care when talking to Drive Wheel™ members’ employees, sending e-mail to members that may be viewed by other parties, and when leaving voicemail messages in general voicemail boxes.


All users of Drive Wheel™ agree that the directories and e-mail addresses contained within Drive Wheel™ communication will not be used for solicitation of business by any member of the Drive Wheel™ community. Members may not use this information to compile marketing or contact lists of any kind.

Competition and Hiring

All members of the Drive Wheel™ community agree not to use any non-public information posted on the Sites or shared within the Drive Wheel™ community to directly or indirectly, either individually or with others, compete with; solicit customers, employees, or business away from; or otherwise cause economic loss to, any other member of the Drive Wheel™ community.


Anti-Trust Standards

The following anti-trust standards will be observed by everyone in the Drive Wheel™ community.


Off Limits Discussions:

Two types of discussion that are off limits for our meetings:

Discussions regarding future prices and terms of sale.

The antitrust laws make agreements or understandings among competitors regarding future prices or terms of sale illegal. Neither a firm contract nor even a handshake is required to constitute an “agreement.” The antitrust enforcement agencies may find a violation based upon mere discussion followed by conduct in the marketplace. Price fixing is prosecuted criminally as a felony. Therefore, to avoid any risk in this area participants in our meeting may not discuss any subject that could have the effort of raising, lowering, pegging, or stabilizing the prices of competing goods or services. This would also include discussion of future credit terms and conditions under which bids, coupons or promotion offers might be made in the future.

Discussions regarding markets, suppliers, or customers.

Agreements among competitors to allocate markets or customers or to refuse to deal with particular suppliers or customers are illegal under the antitrust laws. To avoid any risk in this area, participants in our meetings may not discuss:

  • Agreements that would have the effect of allocating customers or markets.
  • Agreements not to compete for certain customers or to avoid competition in the marketplace.
  • Agreements to refuse to deal with particular suppliers or customers or to deal with them only on discriminatory terms



Although members agree to hold in full confidentiality anything discussed in their group meetings and during one-to-one conversations, this agreement is not binding on third parties or in a court of law. Members could be compelled to testify on matters discussed in meetings or on Drive Wheel™ discussion boards and forums, and Drive Wheel™ may be required to disclose information or materials pursuant to applicable laws, regulations, orders, subpoenas, or other processes of law. Therefore, members should exercise caution when discussing anything in a Drive Wheel™ meeting or on a Drive Wheel™ discussion board or forum that a member would not want disclosed in any legal proceeding. Furthermore, members of publicly traded companies should seek the advice of their corporate counsel regarding disclosure of any material, non-public information considering applicable securities laws and regulations.

In addition, because member discussion notes are not ‘privileged’ (i.e., not protected from disclosure under the law), a court could compel Drive Wheel™ to release a copy of the notes. Thus, our best practice recommendation is for members to take their own notes of their discussions at the meeting because of the possible sensitive nature of the discussion. Similarly, we recommend that discussions of issues containing potentially confidential or sensitive information not take place on Drive Wheel™ web or social properties if the participants wish to keep such discussions privileged.

You acknowledge that Drive Wheel™ cannot control, monitor or be responsible for the conduct of members, facilitators, or speakers, and that disputes or claims arising out of violations of this Pledge shall remain between the disputing parties without liability to Drive Wheel™.