Drive Wheel®
Engaging Discussions Enable Confident Decisions

Drive Wheel creates opportunities to collaborate, benchmark, network,
and strategize to ensure business leaders have the information
they need to make confident business decisions.

Drive Wheel®

Our mission is to energetically connect our members to enable them to make confident decisions that grow their business.

Simply Said: Engaging Discussions Enable Confident Decisions

Three business executives review a written proposal

Our Brand

Our brand story is centered on supporting our members and making them the hero of their own story. A train is propelled forward by just a couple of wheels, the drive wheels. All the force and energy from the engine is applied to these wheels, and they propel the train to do great things. At Drive Wheel®, we help our members become a similar driving force for their organization.

Our Members

We serve function-area leaders, like sales, marketing, and supply chain, as well as channel experts, like members selling into Walmart or Club stores. We offer leaders confidence that when they present a new idea, they will have thought through every angle and challenge. Our members see what their peers see, giving them peace of mind that they aren’t missing opportunities or challenges. Membership is an investment in confidence.

Our Difference

Drive Wheel® has an engaging and vivacious team that hosts peer groups and networking events in engaging spaces. The goal of our facilitators is to create an environment for the most productive conversations and networking opportunities. Between meetings we are actively seeking information and conducting surveys to ensure our members are informed and inspired. Our mission is that members feel confident and are empowered to be thought leaders within their organizations so they can become a driving force.

Our Results

We pride ourselves on exceeding member expectations and providing long-term value to their organizations. Drive Wheel®, and previously MBC’s, member centric focus has fueled our growth from just two original groups in the 1990’s to 25 peer groups, over 140 companies, and over 300 primary members today. 95%+ of new peer group members maintain ongoing membership because they see value and benefits from engagement.