Peer Group Overview

Peer Groups Enable Confident
Decisions and Empower Leaders

You can be a more effective leader and confident decision-maker with peer group engagement. Every leader can benefit from getting peer feedback on new ideas and seeing blind spots before they happen.

Drive Wheel™ Peer Groups are semiannual and professionally facilitated by our Drive Wheel™ Facilitators to ensure an energetic and productive meeting.

What To Expect at
A Peer Group Meeting

Each meeting consists of two half-day sessions with a group networking dinner.

Day One:

        • Morning: Travel to meeting
        • Afternoon: Participate in collaborative Peer Group meeting
        • Evening: Drive Wheel™ hosted networking group dinner

Day Two:

        • Awake: Breakfast served in the meeting room
        • Morning: Participate in second session of Peer Group meeting
        • Afternoon: Travel home

All meetings are business casual

Agendas are created collaboratively with members, so the more questions members ask, the more ideas they receive

Next meeting location, dates, and focus topics are determined by peer group members in the meeting

Guest speakers may be invited at the discretion of the group

What to Expect Between Meetings

Drive Wheel™ Peer Group Membership offers year-round benefits and value to ensure 

members have the information they need to make well-informed confident decisions.

Drive Wheel™ provides timely information on important opportunities and news:

  • Industry trend reports
  • Key customer initiatives, announcements and activities
  • Consumer and shopper insights and research
  • Financial, economic and business activity studies
  • Regulatory, quality and HR focused initiatives

Drive Wheel™ facilitates member initiated benchmarking and best practices surveys:

  • Administered and curated by our team to ensure findings are quickly and professionally reported
  • Extensive distribution creates diverse perspectives and valuable results
  • Cumulative library of past results for member reference

Drive Wheel™ Facilitators


The value of a Drive Wheel Facilitator:

  • Create an energetic and dynamic meeting
  • Create meeting agenda with member input
  • Facilitate meetings, arrange speakers, and host networking dinners
  • Arrange meeting facilities
  • Ensure members follow up on meeting minutes
  • Monitor and share useful industry reports and news
  • Manage anti-trust compliance of agendas and discussions
  • Manage between meeting benchmarking, best practices and survey activity
  • Develop and expand member base to enhance group value

Next Steps

Joining is quick and simple.  Join at any time.

Step 1: Learn More

Simply fill out our Contact Form to get additional information or to set up a call.  If its helpful we can connect with current Peer Group members to discuss the benefits of membership.

Step 2: Join

It only take a few minutes to join, we’d be happy to help you today.

The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll start getting our timely industry reports and start receiving benchmarking studies.

Step 3: Onboarding

We’ll connect with you to understand your top objectives, new strategies, and greatest frustrations to help you get the most value from your membership.

Step 4: First Meeting

At your first meeting you will be a full member with the ability to add agenda topics, join in the conversation, learn from other members, engage with guest speakers, and network with your group members.